excetra 100

No shut off, but a gentle dim

Time diagram function offers a higher user comfort.

Motion sensor used for direct control of LED light strips.

Uses the same power source as LED strips either 12 or 24V.

When motion is detected, the sensor turns on the LED strip by a gradual increase of brightness. The person is then not immediately blinded, because it gently increases brightness. The sensor is powered by the same power source as the LED strip. If the sensor is installed into a night lighting system at hallways, bathrooms or at toilets, the time diagram function offers a higher user comfort.
After a set time, adjustable on the sensor, when the sensor doesn’t register any new movement, the brightness of the LED strip will dim to half of the set value. The dim is nearly immediate, so that the user is aware of the change. However, enough light is still provided so that orientation light is preserved. The next slight movement will make the sensor set the LED strip back to the preset brightness, again for the time set. The time for which sensor will reduce the LED strip’s brightness is about 8 seconds. If the sensor doesn’t register any movement during this time, it will extinguish the LED strip completely.
Simple installation
Time diagram function
Brightness regulation from 30% to 100%
Made in Czechia
Bathroom safe
Supports LED strips up to 200 W


Installation of the EXCETRA 100 sensor can only be done by a person with a relative competency and qualification. During installation it is crucial to connect the respective polarity of the power supply to the LED strip connectors. Motion sensor is tested according to the norm CSN CLC/TS 50 131-2-2, and it is designed to be used on LED strips only. It is not designed for control of fluorescent tubes, motors or other types of electric devices.

The motion sensor may only be connected to power sources of the SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage) type. Other types of power sources must not be used for this sensor. The power supply must be sufficient for the load in terms of power. It also needs to be capable of supporting a load with a PWM character.

When connecting 2 or more sensors to a single line of LED strip it is recommended to set all PWR trimmers to maximum. Maximal brightness of the LED strip is then to be set by adjusting power output of the power supply.

24 month warranty applies from the date of sale. The warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by an inappropriate manipulation or installation.